Business Continuity

Organizations may find themselves in periods of operational instability as a result of a variety of factors coming together, such as upgrades being postponed for budget/project needs, business growth driving increased system changes, limited investment in architectural improvement , and capacities are reached.

A holistic and comprehensive business continuity program can be tested and measured, lowers business risk and delivers smaller operating losses, and is driven by business requirements.

Resilient operating environments integrate policy setting, monitoring, efficient and integrated business processes, reliable infrastructures, protection, and contingencies.

Why Harvard Partners?

Harvard Partners understands the need to balance investment in resiliency with other IT initiatives. We deliver successful business continuity strategies and phased, seamless, and scalable implementations. We create teams of your staff, vendors, and third-party consultants delivering industry best practices designed to work in your environment.

Companies considering an business continuity program are often looking for immediate impact or relief. Harvard Partners uses a combination of its "Scan-Focus-Act-Confirm" methodology with highly experienced professionals to provide a high-level assessment and direction in a matter of weeks.

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Case Studies

Operational Resilience
Post 9/11 activities within this company led to the creation of formal Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, and Incident Management functions residing in both IT and business groups.
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Operational Resilience