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Data Center Consolidation

Case Study


This financial services company grew organically into a large number of businesses, including mutual funds, institutional, 401K services, HR services as well as hotel, limo and food service companies. Over time, these businesses often built their own processing capability, including data centers. This grew to over 250 "data centers" in place often with separate support staffs and processes.

What We Did

Systems inventory and capacity profiles were gathered on 13,000 devices, 30% more than the company estimated at the beginning of the study. The Mainframe complex was managed closely to high utilization rates, while firmwide the average Windows Server usage was 13%, and UNIX, on average, was 17%. Profiles on staffing and command centers were gathered.

A strategy was developed around support and data centers. Fundamentally, there was a desire to combine all support into two main areas, portfolio management and the rest of the firm. Two geographically diverse main data centers (40-80K square feet) were designated as the target for consolidation.

What We Achieved

The organizational structure was quickly aligned to the target, and over 150 data centers have been repurposed to the corporate space portfolio for use as needed, including conference rooms, call center, labs, and general office space.

Physical server count has been reduced to 6,000, with excess servers retired or used for future capacity requirements. Virtualization used to drive Windows & UNIX usage to over 70%.

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Industry: Financial Services
Scope: Corporate level exposure, with $875M annual IT spend
Impact: Reduced facilities requirements by 150 data centers
Duration: 6 month assessment and planning, 2+ year implementations.
Data Center Strategies