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IT Governance - IT Priorities Committee

Case Study


A growing financial services firm was struggling balancing conflicting initiative requests within a fixed budget. Delivery was sub-optimized as the organization attempted to be all things to all people. Business executives did not understand or feel they were a part of the IT project decision making process.

What We Did

A committee of 13 senior business people and 2 IT people was formed to hear requests, approve, and prioritize IT projects. Processes were created, committee members were educated in IT methodologies, buget processes, and PMO processes. Critical to the success of this process was teaching IT staff to present technical items to the business executives in verbiage they could understand.

What We Achieved

No project was ever initiated without prior approval and prioritization by the business. Business sponsors were always known and typically justified their own projects to the committee.

With the Business being more intimate with the challenges facing the IT organization, greater focus was placed on the cross divisional delivery needs. True prioritization occurred, with acknowledgement of items not being resourced. Building a track record of successful delivery against these priorities created an environment where further funding for critical initiatives was provided.

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Industry: Financial Services
Scope: Corporate wide exposure, with $160M annual IT spend
Impact: Complete business participation and understanding of IT projects, priorities, constraints, and issue
Duration: 2 months to analyze, design, and implement
IT Governance