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IT Governance - Project Review

Case Study


With an increasing diversity of projects in a growing IT organization comprised of various groups, the management team was concerned with staying “on top” of key projects with broad business impact, large budgetary commitments, and dependencies on other projects or business events. A key driver was to ensure this was collaborative rather than oppressive.

What We Did

A weekly meeting (called “Project Review”) was created where project managers would present status to the CIO and his management team. The meeting was chaired by the PMO, who also supplied some simple project metrics. Project managers would supply a two page documents summarizing what we called the "6 D's (Dates, Doers, Dollars, Deliverables, Dangers, Dependencies).

Project Review was created to ensure the success of a project. Committee members were supportive and presenters were open about issues and risks.

What We Achieved

98% of projects were on-time and on-budget. Issues were surfaced quickly and mitigated through the inclusion of IS department heads on the Committee. Project Managers learned to structure their project and project reporting around the needs of the Project Review Committee. Project discipline was achieved without the traditional PMO bureaucratic overhead.

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Industry: Financial Services
Scope: Corporate wide exposure, with $160M annual IT spend
Impact: 98% on-time, on-budget project delivery, Project methodology was enforced without bureaucratic overhead, IT management team fully engaged in most projects
Duration: 1 month to analyze, 1 month to implement
IT Governance