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ITIL Incident Management, Service Operations Management

Case Study


Client was rapidly growing and the processes for managing IT service management areas were not scaling. Incident management was a key focal point after an outage exposed deficiencies to customers.

What We Did

We met with key executives and staff members and collected data necessary for understanding the underlying issues. Using best practices as the target and building on existing processes, we implemented a full incident management program. This included a full training and communications program for executives, and staff.

What We Achieved

The client began using some of the approaches during incidents and realized immediate benefit. A new process for communications was implemented, including communications vehicles for the technical teams, executives, and customers. A detailed incident review process was developed, where root cause and preventative actions were developed.

These approaches were deployed globally.

What Followed

During our work on Incident Management, a rapid Scan of issues uncovered the need for improvement in other IT Service Management areas. We assisted the client in establishing a company-wide program for Service Excellence with initial focus on Change Management, Metrics, and Resource Management.

We also assisted the client in Data Center capacity management analysis.

Subsequently, there was an urgent need to provide managerial oversight in the company global Network Operations Center, comprised of redundant operations in the US and India. Harvard Partners provided on-site management for ten months until a permanent replacement was sourced. We fully integrated into the operation, including making staffing decisions (organization/hire/fire), implementing new standard operating procedures, developing training efforts, and seamlessly representing client with their customer base.

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Industry: Technology Services
Scope: Corporate-wide exposure
Impact: Reduced total number of outstanding incident-based issues by 50% after 6 weeks.
Duration: 2 months to analyze, design, train, deploy, and document
Incident Management