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Windows, Sun, Oracle, Web, VRU

Program Management

Case Study


The company had recently implemented a new annuity administrative system. After a challenging transition from the legacy environment, the deployment schedule for new annuity and life insurance products was in jeopardy. Changes needed to be made to the underlying administrative systems to administer the new products, web interface, and voice response systems.

What We Did

Working with the senior management and actuarial product design teams we collected and prioritized requirements and their desire for a phased implementation. The result was a program clearly outlining the projects necessary for administrative services, reporting and interface systems, voice response, and web services. All projects needed to be completed for the annuity and life insurance products to go live.

Close collaboration with the client teams was achieved by sourcing external developers for administrative systems changes on-site. Activities of an Ireland-based firm internal development team were used to deliver the voice response system and web front-end.

What We Achieved

The product was launched on the committed date. The firm's year-over-year sales increased by double digit percentages as a result of the product launch.

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Industry: Financial Services
Scope: Corporate level exposure, with $875M annual IT spend
Impact: Deadlines were achieved allowing increased sales without any staff loss
Duration: 2 quarters to analyze, design, deploy, test and document
IT Governance