• Business and technical process engineering
  • Service desk analysis and implementation
  • Project management


IBM Z-Series, Oracle, Service-Now, Avaya, EMC

Service Desk

Case Study


A renewed emphasis on systems and their contributions to operating a business had driven the IT organization to implement a new applications environment, new operating (system) environment, new computing and new database environment in 6 weeks, garnering front page coverage of Computerworld. These rapid changes surfaced the need to better organize a problem management function for customer interface and management reporting.

What We Did

A centralized “help desk” was established and communicated to the entire company. IT Staff were trained in how to interact with the help desk, and also how to politely defer clients to the help desk.

We worked within the processes implicit in the service desk software. This allowed us to quickly develop an operating process without ANY software modifications. 24x7 requirements were achieved using advanced call routing services.

Based on analysis of the types of issues, the Help Desk staff wrote and published a companywide "User Guide" as an instructional/reference vehicle.

What We Achieved

IT management had metrics for the successful operation of the IT division, prompting renewed focus and attention to continuous improvement initiatives. This took IT “off the radar” as a business impediment.

The 24x7 system was tested one night with an incoming call to Security from the Poison Control Center. Security forwarded the call to the IT Help Desk. The call was managed to successful conclusion.

The Help Desk organization was deemed effective after a year when functions external to IT (such as facilities) began routing their client calls to the same help desk.

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Industry: Consumer Goods
Scope: Corporate level exposure, with $5M annual IT spend
Impact: Reduced total number of incidents by 75% after 6 months
Duration: 3 quarters to analyze, design, deploy, test and document
Service Desk