Data Center Strategies

Data center consolidation projects give opportunity to transform processes and technologies and achieve continuous maturity and improvement.

Consolidating, managing, and optimizing data center resources is science, not art. Data center consolidation saves money and resources while improving performance and reliability.

A well-designed data center evolves with your business, grows (or shrinks) with technology improvements, and has processes adapt with increased sophistication of metrics and tools.

Why Harvard Partners?

Harvard Partners provides strategic data center assessment, planning, implementation, and validation services. We create teams of your staff, vendors, and consultants delivering industry best practices designed to work in your environment.

Great projects begin with accurate, high-quality assessments. Harvard Partners uses a combination of its "Scan-Focus-Act-Confirm" methodology with highly experienced professionals providing a high-level assessment and direction in a matter of weeks.

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Case Studies

Data Center Program Management
The two production data centers were nearing physical and infrastructure capacity limits. Assistance was needed on how to manage multiple simultaneous efforts, including the "normal" IT book of business. Client was experienced managing projects, and had never embarked on program management.
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Data Center Buildout and Migration
IT and the business saw the need to improve the recoverability of business functions within the firm.
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Data Center Consolidation
This financial services company grew organically into a large number of businesses, including mutual funds, institutional, 401K services, HR services as well as hotel, limo and food service companies.
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Data Center Strategies