IT Executive Staffing

Staff transitions, downsizing, and attrition can set an IT organization's development back by close to a year. Providing temporary, seasoned, management create organizational stability during an executive search.

Smaller organizations in need of highly qualified IT business and technology leadership use part-time resources to acquire proven talent within a limited budget. Part-time executive resources help develop internal talent supporting IT organizational growth and transformation.

Short-term and part-time IT leadership can be a catalyst for change when used to develop and support internal IT management and to assist in recruiting. Critical success factors when providing IT Executive Staffing services involve empowering IT teams to own change and growth.

Why Harvard Partners?

Our Partners and Associate have 20 to 30 years of experience managing high-performance IT organizations in enterprise-level and mid-tier organizations. They deliver proven services targeted at supporting and strengthening IT staff.

Harvard Partners brings practical solutions to strategic issues in a collaborative and engaging manner. We inspire excellence from IT organizations by identifying opportunities for improved performance, developing implementation plans, training and coaching staff, and providing follow-up to insure progress been achieved.

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