IT Governance

Effective IT Governance programs provide a linkage between business imperatives and IT resources in a natural and continuous fashion.

Companies with strong IT governance programs more effectively manage large initiatives utilizing internal groups, external vendors, and consultants across multiple geographic regions. Teams are motivated, deliverables are met, costs are controlled, and surprises are eliminated.

IT Governance programs can also accommodate innovation, allowing staff the freedom to be creative, experiment, manage, and deliver projects while giving managers the information and tools necessary to insure quality, manage risk, and reduce costs

Why Harvard Partners?

Harvard Partners understands the balance needed between governance and productivity. We work to understand your culture, identify working processes, and integrate industry best practices for IT governance so it works in your environment.

With our "Scan-Focus-Act-Confirm" methodology we quickly uncover and target opportunities for improved governance. Our methods create a supportive and collaborative environment where direct dialog, simplified reporting, productive meetings, and clear responsibility and accountability encourage active participation resulting in consensus-based processes.

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Case Studies

IT Governance - IT Priorities Committee
A growing financial services firm was struggling balancing conflicting initiative requests within a fixed budget.
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IT Governance - Budget Review
The annual budget process for this IT Infrastructure organization lasted over 5 months was very mechanical, and was hated by the participants.
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IT Governance - Project Review
With an increasing diversity of projects in a growing IT organization comprised of various groups, the management team was concerned with staying “on top” of key projects.
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IT Governance