IT Service Desk

IT Service (or Help) Desks are a single entry point into the IT organization providing uniform customer experiences, high rates of first call resolution, and cost effective support. Effective processes drive high client satisfaction, while poor processes results in frustration and isolation for the user.

Globalization of the service desk, particularly by placing it near users, reduces cultural issues and improves end-user response. Service desk software combined with sophisticated telephony services make knowledge sharing and follow-the-sun support a reality.

Metrics produced from the service desk benefit the entire IT organization and drive improvement in services and client support. Service desk metrics are one of the few sources of objective data on the "end-user experience."

Why Harvard Partners?

Harvard Partners Service Desk programs improve service desk performance, increase end-user satisfaction, and reduce costs.

With our "Scan-Focus-Act-Confirm" methodology we quickly uncover and target opportunities in your Service Desk processes. Our methods create a supportive and collaborative environment where direct dialog, simplified reporting, productive meetings, and clear responsibility and accountability encourage active participation by staff resulting in fast, effective, consensus-based deliverables.

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Case Studies

Service Desk
A renewed emphasis on systems and their contributions to operating a business had driven the IT organization to implement a new environments.
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Service Desk Consolidation
This retailer had two separate service desks, one for administrative staff and another for store systems support.
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IT Service Desk