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RFP Management

Through a coordinated and managed RFP strategy, vendors recognize they must respond to your needs and not, simply, create "sales opportunities." The RFP is a "script" designed to turn the vendor into an "actor" rather than the "director."

An efficient RFP process quickly drives well-defined set of requirements, clear decision criteria, and reduces the time for negotiation and contract. Decisions criteria is fact-based and actionable delivering both qualitative and quantitative inputs minimizing opportunity for indecision.

Using an independent third-party to develop and conduct the RFP process gives IT additional advantages by eliminating emotions, providing "apples-to-apples" comparative analysis, and separating the vendor relationship from the negotiations and contracts. RFPs should level the playing field allowing for quicker and more cost effective decision making.

Why Harvard Partners?

Our "Scan-Focus-Act-Confirm" methodology brings specificity and clarity to every RFP. The more direct the RFP, the more precise the vendor response leaving little room for ambiguity, improving the analysis, and speeding up the decision making process.

Our methods create a supportive and collaborative environment where direct dialog, simplified reporting, productive meetings, and clear responsibility and accountability encourage active participation resulting in consensus-based processes and decisions.

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RFP Management