Security Readiness Assessment

Whether your dealing with complying with MA 201 CMR 17.00, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA or any other state or federal compliance requirements, the road to compliance begins with a readiness assessment. Harvard Partners considers that the first step in developing an overall security architecture. Our approach to compliance follows the four steps listed below.


Assessment involves discovery of all the items that are considered relevant by to the compliance requirements and documenting them in preparation for scoping and remediation execution. The Assessment may be executed partially off-site through telephone interviews and policy reviews, and partially on-site via physical inspections and verification of data collected during off-site reviews.

Readiness Analysis

After the site assessment, our team continues executing the complete Certification process including the development of a compliance Gap Analysis report. The application layer, encryption and inventory requirements of compliance requirements can be particularly confusing for organizations and we can help you understand where you may fall short of compliance.

Remediation and Validation

Once the Analysis is complete we'll help you build a roadmap toward compliance with remediation services and recommendations that will unblock the compliance issues in each area. Certain groups within your organization may require technical training while others may have interest in security assessments for mission- critical applications. These education and assessment services are available to you as additional value-added solutions.


Once you've been through the Readiness and Remediation process, you're now ready for the all important certification. TBG Security will provide a third party review letter and certificate that your business is compliant with the requirements of the enforcing regulatory body. This letter will state that the business is compliant with the law and that they have developed the appropriate procedures for maintaining compliance.

Why Harvard Partners?

Harvard Partners understands the need to balance investment in security with other IT initiatives. We deliver successful security strategies and phased, seamless, and scalable implementations. We create teams of your staff, vendors, and third-party consultants delivering industry best practices designed to work in your environment.

Our methods create a supportive and collaborative environment where direct dialog, simplified reporting, productive meetings, and clear responsibility and accountability encourage active participation resulting in consensus-based processes and decisions.

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Security Readiness Assessment