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About Harvard Partners

Providing trusted, strategic IT guidance
to business since 2009.

Harvard Partners provides strategic IT consulting services.

We are trusted advisors in the broad disciplines of running IT as a business and infrastructure and operations. Through our values, we give insight to who we are and how we look at our engagements.

What we believe in

Harvard Partners believes in IT organizations with a mission to add business value and/or reduce business risk. We have been fortunate to help build high-performance IT organizations where:

  • IT was a discipline focused on:
    • –understanding user needs
    • –delivering solutions
    • –reducing business risk or increasing business value
    • –creating business outcomes
  • IT was measurable, well-organized, and predictable.
  • IT decision-making and recommendations were fact-based, easily understood, and completely transparent.
  • Technology implementations were consistent and well-thought-out.
  • IT staff was confident, felt respected, and was inspired to use technology as a competitive advantage.
  • IT was actively contributing to the success of the business.

We bring these characteristics to our clients through our core values.

Our core values

  • Open, clear, and honest communication.
    We provide the unvarnished truth to our clients and our associates.
  • Do what is right for our clients and, in turn, expect them to do right by us.
    Our quality, integrity, and ethics are beyond reproach.
  • Be dedicated and passionate and deliver the highest quality to our clients and to each other.
    Every client is unique, and every deliverable is unique. We consider each engagement to be a test and the only passing grade is an A+.
  • Treat people with trust and respect and feel privileged to work with each of our clients and with each other.
    Respect is earned.
  • Value diversity in opinion and approach and seek to harvest the best from everyone.
    We don’t compete with each other. We compete with other consulting firms.
    We don’t compete with our clients. We work together for our client’s success.
  • Be a boutique firm by design.
    We focus on select clients and minimize our own bureaucracy.
  • Have fun.
    Our projects are hard. We like it that way.
    We challenge each other. We always want to do better.
    We like each other and our clients.
    Life is too short not to like the people you work with.

What sets us apart?

  • We are IT people
    • –We understand enterprise-class projects, resources, and risks.
  • We embed ourselves in IT organizations.
    • –We quickly learn your environment and culture.
    • –We are easy to work with.
    • –We don’t compete with our clients. We support and develop them.
  • We are genuine, tell the truth, and admit mistakes—our opinions matter.
    • –We don’t avoid confrontation – if there is a problem we deal with it immediately.
    • –We are open and direct – we don’t waste time
    • –We are confident but not arrogant.
  • We are a project company that also offers staffing and recruiting.
    • –We focus on business outcomes in every engagement.

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Harvard Partners brings practical solutions to strategic IT issues in a collaborative and engaging manner. We inspire excellence from IT organizations by identifying opportunities for improved performance, minimizing risk, and training and coaching staff.