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IT Assessments

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An IT Assessment is a fact-based, holistic approach for measuring expectations and perceptions of IT relative to capabilities, resources, vulnerabilities, and internal IT priorities. IT Assessment outcomes include qualitative and quantitative measurements of IT performance, organization, risk management, and opportunities for improvement and efficiency.

The Harvard Partners IT Assessment methodology

Harvard Partners’ IT Assessment methodology measures performance in four areas:

  • IT Alignment
  • IT Processes
  • IT Technologies
  • IT Operations

These were derived from the observation that high-performance IT organizations excel in all four disciplines.

We talk to business leaders, executive sponsors, end users, and IT staff across all organizations. In parallel, we take a close look at IT staff, processes, and technologies. Finally, we create executive-level presentations and reports explaining our findings and recommending steps for improvement.

The Interview

Through interviews we come to understand what is expected of IT and what executives and users expect from technology solutions. Value is placed on IT services and an understanding of whether IT is aligned with business users and priorities is ascertained. Feedback from interviews gives new data points which we use to perform deeper exploration into systems and underlying causes.


Inputs come together as we apply our knowledge of other IT organizations, industry best practices, and subject matter expertise to better understand the root causes of many of our observations. We look at the strategy and vision for IT and ascertain whether IT is working toward that vision.

We evaluate IT performance, then perform analysis to measure investment (money, people, time) relative to wants, needs, and actual solution delivery. Internal best practices are identified and researched as models for situations where IT is not performing optimally.

IT Assessment Results

We present results as a series of initiatives, each with an indication of benefit and effort required to implement. Expected outcomes and benefits are documented. Proposed improvement initiatives are grouped, prioritized, and measured by benefit or risk and effort/cost. This helps in understanding “quick wins,” tradeoffs, and longer-term strategic opportunities.

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