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Management Consulting

Helping IT drive business results and
reduce business risk.

Bring higher productivity to every interaction, communication, and process.

How can you inspire excellence from your IT organization?
Where can you find opportunities for improved performance and better business outcomes?

Harvard Partners’ IT Management Consulting programs optimize your organization’s existing interactions, communications, and processes, while embedding new best practices, techniques, and learning patterns into your IT operations.

The aim of every Harvard Partners’ IT Management Consulting engagement is to empower IT organizations to maximize their role in increasing revenue, reducing costs, and mitigating risk across the enterprise.

CTO Advisory Services

Staff transitions, downsizing, and attrition can set an IT organization’s development back by close to a year. Providing temporary, seasoned management creates organizational stability during an executive search.

Smaller organizations in need of highly qualified IT business and technology leadership use part-time resources to acquire proven talent within a limited budget. Part-time executive resources help develop internal talent supporting IT organizational growth and transformation.

Short-term and part-time IT leadership can be a catalyst for change when used to develop and support internal IT management and assist in recruiting. Critical success factors when providing CIO/CTO Advisory services involve empowering IT teams to own change and growth.

Disaster Recovery

Organizations need to consider the true cost of protecting, recovering, and operating a business in the event of a disruption. What is the cost of downtime? What is the cost of uptime? Almost 50% of companies do not have a Disaster Recovery Plan and, if they do, 50% fail to adequately test the plan.

Essential to a robust Disaster Recovery program is an assessment of which business risks need to be addressed. What needs to be protected, to what level, and at what cost, is evaluated against the impact of a business service not being available. This analysis drives the optimal solution.

IT Governance

Effective IT Governance programs provide a linkage between business imperatives and IT resources in a natural and continuous fashion.

Companies with strong IT governance programs more effectively manage large initiatives utilizing internal groups, external vendors, and consultants across multiple geographic regions. Teams are motivated, deliverables are met, costs are controlled, and surprises are eliminated.

IT Governance programs accommodate innovation, allowing staff the freedom to be creative, experiment, manage, and deliver projects while giving managers the information and tools necessary to insure quality, manage risk, and reduce costs.

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Harvard Partners brings practical solutions to strategic IT issues in a collaborative and engaging manner. We inspire excellence from IT organizations by identifying opportunities for improved performance, minimizing risk, and training and coaching staff.