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Project Management

Successful projects require
successful project managers.

Keep business objectives in focus, keep risks and costs under control.

Every IT project is a business project. The success or failure of every IT project has measurable business implications around innovation, revenue growth, and cost management.

As IT projects proliferate in number and expand in business impact, Harvard Partners’ IT Project Management services enable IT organizations to keep pace and remain laser-focused on delivering successful, high-quality IT projects driving business objectives forward.

The Harvard Partners Project Management Guiding Principles

  • Projects have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • Successful project delivery requires many resources:
    • –We work with and manage internal resources, other consultants, and vendors.
    • –We do not require all resources to come from Harvard Partners.
  • Adapting to the client’s environment, processes, standards, and culture is a necessity.
  • Continuity and momentum ease project delivery.
  • “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”:
    • –Project Management is a science.
    • –Decisions need to be fact-based.

Data Center Migration Management

Whether you are considering a data center migration to a colocation facility or into the cloud, Harvard Partners creates and executes phased, transparent, highly detailed, and seamless projects minimizing risk and maximizing value.

Project Management Office

Most IT organizations lack true full-time project management resources. A Harvard Partners’ Project Management Office helps insure the successful scope, management, risk mitigation, and delivery of IT projects even without dedicated Project Managers.

Project/Program Manager and Business Analyst Staffing

The key to on-time/on-budget project delivery is having the right project team leadership. Harvard Partners specializes in attracting, qualifying, and recruiting high-quality Project and Program Managers and Business Analysts.

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