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Project Management Office

Conquer the complexity of IT projects.

By their nature, IT projects are complex.

Multiple resources, working on multiple projects, each with multiple deliverables can lead to conflicts, missed deadlines, cost overruns, and increased risk.

Effective coordination between projects eliminates surprise. All projects have problems. Open, honest communication across project teams and with senior management dramatically increases project transparency and reduces the impact of unexpected issues.

Project co-dependencies create additional challenges. Accurate and realistic scheduling, combined with a clear understanding of scope, improve the program and project team’s overall recognition of project goals and deliverables, and provide built-in controls.

How a Project Management Office delivers business value

A Project Management Office (PMO), created and configured by Harvard Partners, uses consistent delivery methodologies, simple metrics, and frequent, clear communication to effectively increase project transparency and reduce the impact of unexpected issues.

Harvard Partners’ PMOs help insure the successful scope, management, risk mitigation, and delivery of IT projects. Shared methodologies, tools, resources, and reporting provide full transparency and risk management for IT projects.

Inside a Harvard Partners Project Management Office

Part-time, highly seasoned and skilled PMO Directors, Project Administrators, Project Managers, and Business Analysts make up the PMO. Combined with “off-the- shelf” best practices, templates, and processes, the PMO delivers high value at reasonable costs.

The PMO is 100% focused on the success of the enterprise project portfolio. We quickly uncover and target vulnerabilities contributing to increased program risk. Our methods create a supportive and collaborative environment where team focus is pride of work, camaraderie, and quality deliverables. Direct dialog, simplified reporting and clear responsibility and accountability result in predictable and harmonious deliverables.

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