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Our Recruiting Process

Let Harvard Partners do the “heavy lifting”
needed to source top talent.

It takes time, talent, and a great network to recruit the best IT candidates.

Harvard Partners has developed an extensive, robust, and proven recruiting process closely resembling a typical executive search—but applied to all levels within an IT organization. Our team assumes the bulk of the sourcing and vetting burden, presenting only the finalists that best match your needs for each position.

The Harvard Partners recruiting process in detail

Once job requirements are gathered and a posting is created, our process begins:

  • Active Recruiting — We don’t wait for candidates to become available. We find well qualified candidates and sell them on the opportunity.
  • Passive Recruiting — We aggressively advertise positions on multiple job boards.
  • Resume Screening and Interviewing — Potential matches undergo a progressive sequence of screens by our recruiters, project managers, and account teams. The very best get interviewed by the Harvard Partners CIO/CTO team.
  • Submission — Candidate meeting the criteria and passing our screens are submitted to clients for consideration.
  • Onboarding — After a successful background check and an accepted offer, the candidate undergoes onboarding with both Harvard Partners and the client.

This thorough and proven process enables Harvard Partners to provide organizations with the best IT resources ready to deliver value from the day they start.

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