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Disaster Recovery

Protect business operations
under any conditions.

Business users expect IT to operate predictable and secure services supporting business processes

Yet organizations may find themselves in periods of operational instability or downtime as a result of any number and combination of factors:

  • Postponement of upgrades due to budget or project needs
  • Growth-driven changes to systems
  • Limited investment in architectural improvement
  • Achievement of full infrastructure capacities
  • Disasters, whether natural or man-made

Harvard Partners works to create holistic, comprehensive, measurable Disaster Recovery programs driven by business requirements and designed to reduce business risk.

Our approach to disaster recovery planning includes:

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Thorough system/data/application inventory
  • Infrastructure technical review
  • Review of current disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities
  • Disaster recovery technical gap analysis spotlighting areas of critical risk

Make Disaster Recovery part of your IT DNA.

Harvard Partners understands the need to balance investment in Disaster Recovery with other IT initiatives. By creating an IT culture focused on reducing and eliminating business interruptions and fostering operational resilience, Disaster Recovery planning and implementation become part of project deliverables.

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