Management Consulting services

We empower IT organizations to maximize their role in increasing company revenue, reducing costs, and mitigating enterprise risk.

Resource Utilization and Productivity

Harvard Partners’ IT Management Consulting and Advisory services optimize your organization’s existing interactions, communications, and processes while embedding new best practices, techniques, and efficiencies into your IT operations.

What Our Clients Say

“Our partnership with Harvard Partners was unique in that they provided advisory services and recommendations for a range of our needs; none of which were limited to just IT or business operations. They took every operational aspect into account and really worked to make sure each solution was best for us now, and in the future. They helped us turn a previous pain point, IT priorities, into a real differentiator by aligning and empowering staff participation.”

Business Continuity With or Without Disaster Recovery

In today’s times, technology and business sustainability and success are directly related. Harvard Partners weaves Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery into the “fabric” of all our deliverables. The ability to securely access systems, networks, data, and applications from anywhere and at any time gives our clients a competitive advantage by eliminating wasted effort and money and expanding geographic reach. By having day-to-day redundancy in systems and facilities (includes work-from-home), business leaders can make and execute decisions on how they want to continue business operations during times of crisis.


Subject Matter Experts

IT Governance & Compliance

Companies with strong IT Governance programs more effectively manage technology initiatives utilizing internal groups, external vendors, and consultants across multiple geographic regions. IT Governance, done correctly, is a supportive tool for improving IT deliverables, communication, and risk.

CIO/CTO Advisory Services

Great IT leadership transforms IT into a discipline focused on understanding user needs, delivering solutions, mitigating business risk, and creating business-driven outcomes. Even during times of uncertainty and transition, we provide the resources needed to steer the ship and drive positive, progressive change.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Harvard Partners works to create holistic, comprehensive, and measurable Business Continuance plans focused on reducing and eliminating business interruptions and fostering operational resilience.

Our Work in Management Consulting

Production Stability Assessment

Project Readiness Assessment

Project Management - Program Management

Have Questions? Get Answers.

How are you able to understand our business drivers quickly enough to make an impact?
We ask questions. We are not shy. If we don’t understand something, we ask more questions.

We learn. Our technology experts have the knowledge and capacity to learn not only your business drivers but how your technologies can better enable them. We’ve been doing this for years and our approach to learning your infrastructure has become more and more refined so that we’re able to jump in and quickly get to work.

Do you provide training to our internal IT team as well?
Yes, we educate your team every step of the way. Our goal is to not only align technologies with your organization’s objectives but to coach and mentor IT staff on the “journey.” We want these processes to become part of the fabric of your IT organization.
Can you provide CTO/CIO recruiting services?
Of course. Whether it be a temporary or permanent placement we provide the right person to get the job done. When you have IT people vetting IT people, quality increases and time to recruit decreases.
Are your project management services able to adhere to regulatory requirements?
We’ve set up our infrastructure both internally and with our partner network to adhere to any and all regulations. More importantly, we adapt to your level of adherence. We understand each industry operates differently, and we know how to deliver results within the mandated guidelines each regulation entails.
What if we don’t have the budget to hire an internal CIO/CTO?
We provide part-time CIO/CTO services. How much you want can be dictated by your budget. We will work with you to prioritize activity.
Why do clients choose Harvard Partners as their temporary or permanent CTO/CIO?
Great question. If you ask our clients that question, you’ll probably get a few different answers but with one underlying theme; our people. We start every engagement very simply — by listening. Our attention to detail allows us to develop a comprehensive, holistic knowledge of your business, which in turn, builds the trust and reliability you’re looking for in a technology leader.

All the Benefits of a CTO
Without a Full-Time Hire

When your business, regulatory, and technology needs require experienced, executive-level talent, but not full-time, our team is the resource you can count on.