Architectural Services

Our suite of architectural services lay the technical foundation for consistency, integrity, interoperability, and predictability of IT solutions. We take a business-first approach to ensuring vendors, integrators, and staff work well together in your IT ecosystem.

Bridging the Gap Between People, Process and Technology

At Harvard Partners, our architectural services provide your IT team with the foundation needed to
move business goals forward without “reinventing the wheel” every time a new solution or vendor
is selected. A well-designed technical architecture enables a shorter time-to-market with higher
predictability, repeatability, and dependability.

What Our Clients Say

“Harvard Partners designed and oversaw the execution of a solution that created consistency for the IT team and united the different arms of our business completely. What was once an uncoordinated and uncertain process became reliable, repeatable, and understandable. Our whole team had such a positive experience, and I would not hesitate to partner with them again.”

Our Approach

Our Architects work together with your staff creating a connection across your people, processes, and technology so technical strategies and execution plans deliver expected outcomes. Solutions architects analyze system requirements for adherence to security, risk, compliance, and corporate policies and ensure recommended solutions fit existing frameworks. We don’t just enable technologies; we leverage them as a cornerstone in aligning processes to your organizational objectives.

Have Questions? Get Answers.

What types of architectural services do you provide?

Enterprise Architecture

Maintain system and infrastructure currency roadmaps, oversee architectural principles, process, and governance mechanisms, as well as developing and documenting technology standards and architectural patterns.

Solution Architecture

Align strategic objectives with tactical demands, interface with business and technical stakeholders, formalize architectural patterns, and synchronize technical workstreams.

Technical Architecture

Implement solutions in-line with organizational principles, create technical documentation and operational artifacts, and interface with the organization’s engineering team.

Business Analysis

Ensure effective communication of business needs to technical stakeholders, brokers business, and technical domains of projects, as well as documenting process workflows, and current/target state views. Testing against business requirements confirms our recommendations contribute to business goals.

What do you mean by a “business-first” approach?
Often architectural service vendors will put together the easiest or most cost-effective solution but completely forego the enterprise architecture layer and ignore business goals altogether. Our “business-first” approach ensures our communications and recommended solutions are based on the goals of the organization.
Is our internal team responsible for overseeing architecture across all projects?
Our Enterprise Architecture services handle the oversight, along with your staff, of current and future projects. As point people, we add to your operational resilience with clear insight into each project and all its moving parts. We also free up your staff to move forward with other projects.
Our current systems are fragmented, are you able to centralize them without disruption?
Of course. We look to standardize and centralize systems without creating delays or interruptions to your workflows.
How can we communicate this so that our non-technical staff and stakeholders understand how this aligns with our business drivers?
Your business objectives are the foundation of all technical architecture analysis and eventual recommendations. Our processes, guidelines, standardizations, and cost planning are only recommended if they meet your organizational needs. As technical as it can get, we distill and present our findings in a way that draws a clear connection to your business objectives and is easy for business leaders and stakeholders to understand.

Looking for More Information on Business-Driven Architecture?

Our job is to create the framework for impactful, efficient IT so your people, process, and technology can become more predictable and dependable. We’ll be more than happy to work with your organization to improve your project delivery and IT architecture process.