IT Assessments

We provide IT Assessments matching user and business expectations to IT capabilities. We use a fact-based, holistic approach to measure IT capabilities, resources, vulnerabilities, and priorities.

The Benefits of an IT Assessment

Our IT assessments provide qualitative and quantitative measurements of IT performance, staff, organization, business alignment, user communication, risk management, and areas for improvements and efficiencies.

IT Assessments are valuable when:

  • Unexpected business challenges arise placing increased demands on IT
  • Major outages keep occurring and IT is fatigued from “fighting fires” and unable to implement new initiatives
  • Regulatory needs are not being met
  • Customers express concern over the reliability of deliverables dependent on technology

What you can expect from an IT assessment:

  • Interviews provide qualitative data to better understand user, executive, and IT expectations
  • Consensus around expectations forms the basis for measurement of deliverables
  • Quantitative dashboards establish baselines allowing IT organizations to establish measurable goals and demonstrate success in meeting those goals

What Our Clients Say

“The Harvard Partners team was instrumental in helping us fully realize our remote workforce initiative. To make this possible, they interviewed users and IT staff, built an entirely new support process for us, coordinated training, and helped better utilize our resources. Our quick and seamless transition to a remote workforce would not have been possible without Harvard Partners.”

– A Harvard Partners Client

The Harvard Partners Methodology

Our IT assessments are designed to identify opportunities for improvement. We measure performance in four areas: IT Alignment, IT Processes, IT Technologies, and IT Operations. Our areas of study were developed from the observation that high-performance IT organizations excel in all four of these core disciplines.

Harvard Partners understands IT Assessments are more than a series of metrics. We provide industry best practices, root cause analysis, and subject matter expertise delivering actionable results through recommendations and prioritized views of improvement opportunities.

Our methods create a supportive and collaborative environment where direct dialog, simplified reporting, productive meetings, and clear responsibility and accountability encourage active participation resulting in consensus-based results.

Our Work in IT Assessments 

Non-Profit Organization

Risk Mitigation

Budget Planning

Have Questions? Get Answers.

How does your process work?
Our process creates a supportive and collaborative environment encouraging active participation culminating in consensus-based results. We begin by interviewing users, IT staff, and company executives, then move into the analysis, and finally, reporting and recommendations.
How do you analyze the data from interviews?
Analyses are developed by applying our knowledge of other IT organizations, industry best practices, and our subject matter expertise. We ascertain whether IT is working towards your business goals and analyze technology investment relative to your wants, needs, and actual solution delivery.
Why do you need to conduct interviews?
Conducting a series of interviews provides qualitative data on business expectations of IT, users’ expectations from technology solutions, and corporate executives’ feelings about return on investment. More detailed analysis is driven based on feedback from these detailed interviews.
How are results presented?
We present results as a series of initiatives, each with an indication of benefit and the effort needed to implement. We group, prioritize, and measure each initiative by benefit or risk, and effort or cost, to help recognize quick wins and strategic opportunities.

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