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IT Governance

Align IT resources with business
needs and goals.

The business case for effective IT Governance programs is powerful.

Companies with strong IT Governance programs more effectively manage large initiatives utilizing internal groups, external vendors, and consultants across multiple geographic regions. Teams are motivated and meet deliverables. Costs are kept under control and everyone experiences fewer surprises.

Harvard Partners’ IT Governance philosophy

Our proven model of IT Governance focuses on IT projects. An IT project represents the solution to a business problem requiring investment (people, time, and money) and delivering a business outcome. To our thinking, IT projects are business projects.

Of course, IT also provides day-to-day technology support that keeps business operations running. Typically, this the highest priority for IT.

All IT organizations have more demand for projects than supply of delivery resources. IT makes decisions and sets priorities daily in order to best manage their resources.

This is where IT gets itself in trouble. In our experience, IT is never the best judge of business priorities.

Leverage IT Governance to optimize productivity.

Understanding the balance between governance and productivity, we work to understand your culture, identify working processes, and integrate industry best practices.

Our methods create a supportive and collaborative (not bureaucratic) environment where direct dialog, simplified reporting, productive meetings, and clear responsibility and accountability encourage active participation and consensus-building by team members and stakeholders.

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