Case Study:

Data Center Program Management


The two production data centers were nearing physical and infrastructure capacity limits. Construction was well underway on the expansions, and the project management group needed guidance and assistance on how to manage multiple simultaneous efforts, including the “normal” IT book of business. The client had experience managing projects but had never embarked on program management.

What We Did

Project management efforts in the client were focused on applications development efforts and not transferable to Infrastructure efforts (rapid iterative infrastructure implementations were to be avoided.) An infrastructure project template was developed and then used as the basis for developing a lightweight, infrastructure-specific program management approach. Included in this approach were management oversight committees and program dashboards.

What We Achieved

The client began using the templates for new infrastructure projects, and immediately applied the program management approach in managing the overall efforts. A total of 12 distinct projects made up the high-level elements of the program.


Industry: Financial Services
Scope: US Corporate-wide exposure, with $160M annual IT spend
Impact: Projects were delivered successfully as part of the overall program.
Duration: 1 year +

Harvard Partners Skillsets

  • Process engineering
  • Program management
  • Infrastructure

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