IT Assessment Full Evaluation

In just 2 weeks of working with a financial services/mutual fund client, our team identified opportunities for IT to better meet present and future user needs through different and stronger vendor partnerships.

Project Background

With an IT staff of two, and all the security, disaster recovery, real-time, analytic, and reporting requirements of firms much larger, executives desired to better understand ways in which IT services can be delivered and optimized.

The Strategy

We interviewed the entire company and found most staff satisfied with the technology services being delivered by IT. Upon further research, we also found each business team supporting independent technology initiatives. Creating a Technology Portfolio gave executives an aggregate view of technology usage and spend across the company. Working with executive sponsors we presented our findings and recommendations to the company’s Strategy Team, President, and IT staff.

Proven Results

  • Created an IT Steering Committee helping IT staff set priorities and align technology projects with company goals.
  • Proposed a firm-wide “business intelligence” initiative designed to give users access to in-house and external data through analysis and reporting tools.
  • Helped to select a new technology infrastructure partner to provide IT staff with current perspectives and advice on technology.
  • Explored software maintenance cost savings and elimination of the alternate site disaster recovery strategy.
  • Tracked all technology initiatives and evaluated technology investments across the company.

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